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As amended effective January 20, 2011

(LAC 46:LXVII.10101, 10301-10317, 10401-10425, 10501-10513)

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The Louisiana Register is the state's official medium for providing a uniform system that makes the certified regulations and legal notices issued by the executive branch of state government available to the public. These include executive orders issued by the governor, agency rules and regulations that have general applicability and legal effect, documents required to be published by Act of the Legislature, and other state agency documents of public interest.

The Louisiana Register is published monthly by the Office of the State Register, pursuant to the Louisiana Administrative Procedure Act (R.S. 49:950, et seq.). In addition, the office compiles the rules by subject area into the Louisiana Administrative Code.

Distribution of the Louisiana Register is made solely by the Office of the State Register. Visit www.doa.louisiana.gov/OSR/osr.htm to view each monthly publication in its entirety or to order a subscription.

Click here to view the REAB Rules and Regulations, as amended and published in the January 20, 2011 issue of the Louisiana Register.



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